Our philosophy is to make the world a better place to live in and also to live better by the the use of colours.
Our connection to the universe is through the colours, as the sun also communicates light in 7 colours to us.
Colour is a language that has a long history; it is understood by all kinds of people, in all countries and also by all animals, fish and plants. It is free to be used by everybody, just by going out in the Sun.

Our work has been to translate colour to words and make use of the power in colour. Now we want to share our love for colour together with people in all countries. We want to work together with those countries that use our colour systems, to raise the consciousness of how brilliant the seven types of colour energies work together. And in this way also the human race can transform energy from colour. But the lack of using the right energy is often the reason why war, poverty and race problems still exist among humans in our world today. We want to change this by the help of colour. Join us and let us, do it.